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August 09, 2008


Bethany Smith

I remember watching coverage of the Tiananmen Square massacre when I was in middle school. We were living in Winston-Salem, NC at the time - which happens to be where Wake Forest University is located. There was a good deal of local coverage because there were ties between some students there and the protesters. I still remember being so struck by the fact that this was happening in the world I lived in. Every time they show that square, I think of that moment in my life when I grew up just a bit more.

Then again, it was a huge educational moment in my life, my parents and I discussed protests that had gone badly in the US (my Dad went to school near Kent State during their protest shootings). I'd love to see this turn into an educational opportunity for others.

Oh, and good luck with your new school - wow to work at SLA - a dream job!

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