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July 23, 2007



Yeah, I agree with you: last night's format represented a giant leap forward and upwards as far as setting a new standard for presidential debates. A crucial question is (remains) whose unseen hands select the questions as well as who moderates? Anderson Cooper did very well.

David Robb

I also enjoyed watching this debate. The videos made the debate more entertaining. More importantly, I thought the questions sparked better discourse among the candidates.
However, I think for this to be a truly democratic debate the public should decide what questions are asked based on voting. Definitely, a huge step in the right direction, though.



I concur that to truly democratize the debate the questions would have also been selected democratically. I think it is going to be an evolutionary process to watch where this format heads. I would guess that there will be exponentially more videos submitted to the next debate, just a hunch.

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