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June 24, 2007


Christian Long

After having been an experiential education director and leader for years (while teaching English), programs like the one you mentioned -- Reach the World -- make my mind leap with curiosity. Love to learn more about what your friend's role will be. And if I can stow-away!

Having just been in CO close to where you were, I can say you've made me 'homesick'!

Cheers, Christian

Beth Leeming

Diana ~ your travels sound so wonderful. I hope you make it up here to Glacier NP as Sammie, the dawg, and I miss your company very much! I look forward to our paths and travels coming together once again.


I hafta say I grew up in Colorado Springs, and it ain't what it used to be, by a fur stretch, and I ain't expectin' to return, ever. I'm not homesick...

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I want to go on a vacation, too. I miss the time when we were just students and we still have spring break. Most of the vacations I've been in are mostly with my friends. Now that I have a family, I'd rather spend one with them. It's also true that you'll learn a lot during the course of your vacation. Most people would think of it as slacking, but I guess it's not. You still "work" in some sense. Anyway, thanks for sharing your vacation story!

- Larry Hoggard

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